The goals of the association

Support and accompaniment of bereaved families whose family members were killed in car accidents. Establishment of a digital commemorative site. Holding regular activity days for their family members and holding an annual digital memorial.

Education for giving and helping the needy and those with special needs, by establishing specialized houses for distributing food and establishing a "Beit Noam" for those with disabilities, including lone soldiers.

Writing, production and distribution of study and education materials on the topic of driving and behavior in Noam.

Connection between religious and secular youth - Building education systems and shared social activities in a worldview that is personal and interpersonal behavior. Connection between religion and education For others through culture and contribution to the community.

Education for caution on the roads, with the message "Behave politely and be good to each other"

Distribution of scholarships to outstanding students and athletes, and to those with disabilities who lead in behavior and contribution to the community in the field of education and the Jewish community.