Who was Noam?

Noam Mordechai Kadosh of the Bar Mocha family, the only son of his mother Esther, was fatally injured in a car accident near his home on the eve of Memorial Day 2015. After a week, Noam gave his soul to the Creator at the age of 16 and seven months, but left behind an enormous light.

Noam is an academically and morally outstanding student in the 11th grade at Yeshiva Tikhonit Banya in Haifa.

He devoted his entire short life to giving and helping others. who dreamed and strived to become a doctor and save lives.
Noam did not have time to fulfill his wish, but when he left the world he saved 5 people by donating organs
And thousands signed a halachic AD card thanks to him.
Thousands more will benefit thanks to the message and legacy he left here for all of us.