Terms of use and privacy policy

The association welcomes your choice to browse our website at the address: be-noam.com The association is an association that works for the promotion of road safety The goals of the association are: (1) Education for caution on the roads with the message “behave kindly and be good to each other”. (2) Distribution of scholarships to outstanding students and athletes and those with disabilities who lead in behavior and contribution to the community in the field of education and road safety. (3) Connection between religious and secular youth – building joint education systems and joint social activities in a worldview that is personal and interpersonal behavior. (4) Writing, production and distribution of study and education materials on driving and pleasant behavior. (5) Education for giving and helping the needy and those with disabilities by establishing specialized houses for distributing food and establishing a “Beit Noam” for those with disabilities, including lone soldiers. (6) Connection between religion and education for others through culture and contribution to the community. To each other (AR) registration number 580739431 (the “website” or “the association”).

Use of the website:
These regulations and terms of use constitute a binding agreement between you, either privately or through the association (“you” or “the surfer”) and the website regarding surfing and using the website on any computer or other communication device such as a cell phone, tablet computers, etc. They are also Applies to the use of the website and/or related websites through an application or any other means. Read the regulations and terms of use carefully, as browsing the website and performing actions on it indicate your agreement to the terms contained in the terms of use and this privacy policy (“the regulations”).
What is stated in the regulations refers equally to members of both genders and the use of masculine and/or feminine is for convenience only.
Browsing the site is allowed at any age. Making a donation on the website is intended for those with legal capacity over the age of 18 only. A contribution by a minor under the age of 18 on the site requires the approval of a parent or guardian.
As a rule, surfing the site and perusing it do not require registration, and it is open to any surfer. Without deviating from the above, the website reserves the right to prevent a surfer who has not registered to the website access to certain services on the website, for any reason or reasoning, at its sole discretion, without the need for prior notice or warning and without being responsible for any damage due to its decision.
In the event that it is determined that a provision in these regulations is unenforceable or invalid for any reason, this will not affect or impair the legality, validity and enforcement of the other provisions of the regulations.
Intellectual Property:
Unless expressly stated otherwise, all copyrights and intellectual property on the site, including designs, images, audio, video, text, databases, software, code (“the Content”) as well as symbols, trademarks, etc. (“the Marks”) are Owned by the site alone, or owned by a third party, who authorized the site or gave a license to the site to legally use the contents or signs, including the site’s business partners.
The content and marks are provided “AS IS” for personal use only. Unless expressly stated otherwise, you may not copy, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, transfer to the public, modify, process, create derivative works, sell or rent any part of the above, either directly or through or in collaboration with a third party, in any way or Means whether electronic, mechanical, optical, photographic or recording means, or in any other way, without obtaining prior written consent from the website or the other rights holders, as the case may be, and subject to the terms of the consent.
If and to the extent that such consent has been given, you must refrain from removing, erasing or disrupting any notice or sign regarding intellectual property rights, for example: the copyright mark, © or trademark ®, accompanying the contents that will be used.
Provided that you are entitled to browse the site, the site grants you a limited license to use it and to download or print a copy of any part of the content to which appropriate access has been granted for personal, non-commercial use only.
Copyright and Intellectual Property Infringement:
We respect the copyrights and property of others. If you believe that information or content on the site violates your proprietary rights, please contact us using the contact information at the bottom of these regulations.
Surfer statements:
When browsing the website, you undertake and declare as follows: (1) browsing the website and using it are your sole responsibility; (2) the details you entered when leaving the details and/or donating on the site are correct, current, accurate and complete; (3) As far as this is necessary, in the event of a change of details, you will update them by contacting the website; (4) you have legal capacity and you agree to the terms of the regulations; (5) you will not use the website by automated or non-human means, whether through a BOT, script or in any other way; (6) you will not make illegal use of the website; (7) Your use of the website will not violate any applicable law or regulation.
The site may prevent any surfer from using the site at its absolute discretion. Without deviating from the above, the site may block access to it or part of it if, when leaving details on the site, incorrect, out-of-date or incomplete details were intentionally provided.
Prohibited activity on the site:
You may not use the site except for the purposes for which it is intended. The use of the website is permitted for private and personal purposes only and it may not be used for commercial purposes except for those specifically approved by the website.
As a user of the website, you agree not to:
retrieve data or other content from the Website to create or compile a collection, database or directory without prior written permission from the Website;
make any use of the website designs;
make unauthorized use of the website, including collecting email addresses, etc. by electronic or other means for the purpose of sending emails by automatic means;
bypass, disable or otherwise interfere with the security of the website, including using applications that prevent or limit the use or copying of any content;
Defraud or mislead the site and/or its users;
make incorrect use of the website’s support services or submit false reports regarding the use of the website;
make automated use of the system, such as using scripts to send comments or messages, or using data mining, robots or similar data collection and extraction tools;
try to impersonate another person and/or transfer the access details to the website to another person;
use the information obtained on the site in order to harass, abuse or harm another person;
use the site as part of any effort to

competition on the site;
retrieve, decipher or reverse engineer any part of the Site, an option on the Site or an application on the Site;
harass, intimidate or threaten any of the site’s employees or agents;
delete the copyright or proprietary rights notice from any content or mark;
copy or adapt the website code or part thereof, including but not limited to Flash, PHP, HTML, JavaScript or other code;
upload or transmit (or attempt to upload or transmit) viruses, Trojan horses, or other material, including the use of spam, which will interfere with the use of the Site;
perform an action that will harm or damage the site, according to the site’s discretion;
use the website in a way that is inconsistent with the law, regulations and rulings.
Without detracting from any additional right, any use of the website in violation of the above may result, among other things, in the termination or suspension of your rights to use the website.
Third party content:
The website may use links to other websites (“Third Party Websites”) as well as articles, images, text, graphics, photos, designs, music, sound, video, information, applications, software and content or other items belonging to or originating from third party websites (“Content of a third party”). Third-party websites and third-party content are not investigated, monitored, or reviewed by the website and the website is not responsible for third-party content posted through the website, accessed through the website, available through the website or installed on it, including content, opinions, reliability, privacy practices or other policies of or contained in third-party websites or third-party content. Using a link or allowing the use or installation of third-party websites or any third-party content does not imply approval or approval of this by us, and the responsibility for entering this link rests solely with the surfer, who must check it before entering it.
The website does not take responsibility for any contribution you make from third party websites or other companies which will be made and will be valid exclusively between you and the relevant third party.
Site management:
The website reserves the right to: (1) monitor violations of these regulations; (2) take legal action against anyone who violates the provisions of the law or the provisions of these regulations, at the sole discretion of the site, including, without limitation, reporting the user to law enforcement authorities; (3) refuse, restrict access, limit availability, or disable (to the extent technologically possible) any of your contributions to the site or any part thereof, at the sole discretion of the site and without limitation; and (4) manage the site in a way that will protect his rights and property and facilitate its proper functioning.
Authorization for mailing, publications and advertisement:
A surfer who has left details on the website and is attached to the website’s mailing list, approves the use of his details for the purpose of receiving marketing information, updates and advertisements that the website will make from time to time.
The mailing instructions detailed in the regulations below will apply to a surfer who left such details.
Do not leave the details of another person on the site without their consent and/or without their presence in front of the screen when leaving the details and after all the terms of the regulations have been explained to them.
When leaving the details, the surfer will be asked to provide personal details such as: first name, last name, telephone, e-mail address, social security number, data on salaries, marital status, details about insurances, assets and mortgages, and the surfer will also be asked to provide a photo of social security . as well as a photo of a check or confirmation of bank account management. Providing incomplete or incorrect details may prevent the possibility of using the service and thwart contact if necessary. In case of change of details, they must be updated on the website.
It will be clarified that the information provided by the surfer to the association or that will be provided by him in the future in the context of handling financial services, was provided with the consent of the surfer and of his complete free will. The information will be stored in the association’s databases or with another entity on its behalf only. The user knows that the information will be used for the purposes of management, operation and treatment of any required financial matter as well as, for the purpose of statistical processing, information segmentation and others only. According to the association’s decision, the information will be transferred to various related parties that support the association’s activities. The surfer knows that he can request, receive and correct the information about him, which is in the association’s databases and this is subject to the regulations of the various systems.
It is clarified that there is no obligation by law to provide details on the website, however, without providing them it will not be possible to receive marketing content and updates from the website.
The site will not make use of the provided details, except in accordance with the site’s privacy policy, which is an integral part of the regulations.
Leaving details on the website and confirming receipt of marketing content includes, among others, receipt of marketing content, information regarding promotions, updates, discounts offered to registered users.
Mailing approval (receipt of marketing content) as mentioned, constitutes the surfer’s consent to the sending of advertisements according to the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting) (Amendment No. 40) 2008 (the “Communications Law”).
It is clarified that the surfer can remove himself from the mailing at any time by clicking on “Remove from the mailing list” or any similar wording that appears at the bottom of each mailing sent or by contacting the website by email at [email protected]. As long as the registrant has not removed himself from the aforementioned mailing list, The site may, subject to the Communications Law, send direct mail to the registrant as mentioned.
The site may cancel the registration of a surfer to the mailing list at its absolute discretion. Without deviating from the above, the site may prevent a user from browsing and/or cancel registration to the mailing list, or block access to it in any of the following cases:
If when leaving the details and/or donating on the site, incorrect details were intentionally provided;
In the event that the site is used to commit or attempt to commit an illegal act according to the laws of the State of Israel, or an act that is perceived as illegal as stated above, or to enable, facilitate, assist or encourage the commission of such an act;
if the terms of the regulations were violated;
If any action was taken by a surfer that would prevent others from continuing to use the site in any way.
The information in the mailing should not be considered as a promise of any result and/or the service offered therein.
The website will not be responsible for any damage (direct or indirect), loss, anguish and expenses caused to the person leaving details and/or to any third parties as a result of using or relying on any content, information, data, presentation, advertisement, product, service, etc. appearing in the mailing. Any such reliance is made at the sole discretion and responsibility of the person leaving the details.
The mailing as a whole, including all the information appearing in it, is offered

As it is, and will be as accurate and correct as possible, however, if the information is incomplete or, alternatively, it contains defects and/or technical errors and/or other errors. The website will not be responsible for the user’s use of the information sent to him.
The surfer confirms that he will not have any claim regarding advertisements and/or advertisements displayed on the website, including regarding their location on the website. It is clarified that with regard to advertisements displayed under the auspices of a third party, the website does not have any intervention in the selection of the displayed advertisements, the veracity of their design and the order of their appearance.
The terms of this regulation will remain in effect when using the site. Without deviating from any other provision in these regulations, the site reserves the right to prevent any surfer from using the site (including blocking certain IP addresses), for any reason or reasoning whatsoever (without having to provide a reason or reasoning), at its sole discretion, without the need for prior notification or warning And without being responsible for any damage due to his decision. Also, the site may terminate your use of it and any content or information you have posted at any time, without prior warning.
Site changes, malfunctions and service interruptions:
The site reserves the right to change from time to time or remove the site content for any reason at its sole discretion and without prior notice. The site is not obligated to update any information or content on the site.
The site will not be liable to you or to any third party for such change, suspension or discontinuance of service.
The site does not guarantee that the site’s services will not be interrupted, will be provided in order or without interruptions, will exist safely and without errors, and will be immune from unauthorized access to the site’s computers or from damages, breakdowns, malfunctions or failures – all in hardware, software, lines and communication systems at the site or at anyone else’s from its suppliers.
The site reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, the terms and conditions in these regulations that apply to the use of the site and these changes will enter into force immediately upon their inclusion in the regulations.
Donate on the website:
It will be clarified that the association and the website are non-profit.
When donating on the site and/or joining the site’s services, you are responsible for providing correct, accurate, current and complete information. The site may verify the details entered after joining the services, and may cancel or limit joining the services at any time.
A donation on the website is subject to additional terms and conditions of the credit companies and/or conditions established by the various banks and/or any other means of payment appearing on the website.
A request for a refund, change or cancellation of a donation will be sent to the website using one of the means of communication listed at the bottom of the regulations.
The refund will be made using the means of payment with which the customer paid.
What is stated in the regulations is subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981.
These regulations and the use of the website will be exclusively governed by the laws of the State of Israel.
The courts in the judicial district of the Haifa district will have exclusive jurisdiction in all matters arising from and/or related to the regulations and/or legal disputes that may arise between you and the site.
Site responsibility:
The contents on the site can be used as they are (AS IS). It is not possible to adapt them to the needs of each and every person. The surfer will not have any claim, claim or demand towards the site regarding the features of the contents, their capabilities, their limitations and/or their suitability to his needs and the use of the website will be the sole responsibility of the surfer on the website.
The services appearing on the website may be marketed and/or provided by third parties. The customers of the site confirm and declare that they are aware of this and that they will bear the responsibility to seek compensation from the marketer and/or supplier for any damage, direct or indirect, including bodily harm.
The use of the site will be done at the sole and full responsibility of each surfer. The site does not guarantee that the contents and services published on the site will be complete, correct, legal or accurate or that they will meet the expectations and requirements of any surfer. The website will not bear any responsibility for any result arising from them, or from using them, or from relying on them, including: (1) errors, mistakes and inaccuracies; (2) damage to the body or property, of any kind, caused by the use of the website and/or contribution to the website; (3) interference with access to or from the Website; (4) Any bug, virus, Trojan horses, etc. that may be transmitted to the site by any third party.
Privacy Policy:
The site respects customer privacy.
In addition to the information you submit when you register to the site, you are aware that the site collects certain information about your computer, through which you visit and perform actions on the site. The information is collected automatically (including through the use of “cookies”) and may include IP addresses, browser type, times of browsing and entering the website, the method of browsing and the tool you use for the purpose of browsing, details about your Internet provider and the addresses of the websites from which you arrived. The information provided at the time of registration and the information collected by the website as mentioned in this paragraph will be called together: “the information collected on the website”). The information collected on the site may be used by the site for the following purposes:
provide you with services and improve the website and/or the services;
the proper operation of the site;
analyze and manage the website properly;
improving the site’s customer service;
to contact you or provide you with data in connection with the website or service;
In order to provide you with the information you requested or additional information that the website believes may be of interest to you, from time to time;
to tailor advertisements and commercial information according to your personal preferences;
in order to contact you by the site’s representatives regarding the services that the site provides;
In order to carry out customer surveys and/or marketing research which the site conducts from time to time.
The website and/or anyone on its behalf will not disclose and/or sell any information collected on the website to any third party, except for those on their behalf, to whom they provide the information collected on the website, solely for the purpose of providing a service and completing the donation procedure carried out on the website, and which they are also obligated to protect fully on the confidentiality of the information collected on the site.
At the same time, the website and/or anyone on its behalf will be allowed to transfer information collected on the website to third parties (with the exception of sensitive information such as credit information, ID numbers, etc.) in each of the following cases:
Your written consent was given in advance;
The website and/or anyone on its behalf are required by law to transfer said information, for example, by virtue of a court order;
In order to protect the legal and proprietary rights of the site and/or anyone on its behalf with regard to this site;
In the event of a legal dispute between you and the website that would require the disclosure of the details;
If you violate the regulations of the website or if you use the

Ter, or in any connection with the site, actions that are contrary or deemed to be contrary to the law, or any attempt to perform such actions;
In any case that the website believes that the delivery of the collected information is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to the user’s body or property or to the body or property of a third party;
sharing social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and others and other online publishers such as Google, Tabula and others;
Also, it is possible that the website will transmit to third parties only general statistical information, which is not personal or private, regarding the use of the website, such as the total number of visitors to this website and to each page of the website as well as the domain names of the Internet service providers of the visitors to the website;

If the site is merged into the activity of another body or if the site is transferred to the ownership of another corporation, the information on the site may be transferred to the new corporation, but only in the event that the corporation undertakes to maintain the privacy policy listed in these regulations.
It is important to remember that it is not possible to guarantee one hundred percent against hostile and determined activity on the part of foreign parties, therefore there is no absolute security in these actions and the website does not guarantee that the services on the website will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information collected therein.
The surfer must indemnify the site, its employees, managers, business partners or anyone on their behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by them – including attorney’s fees and court costs due to the violation of the regulations.
The terms of this regulation constitute all agreements and understandings regarding the use of the website. Failure to exercise or enforce a right or instruction in these regulations will not be considered a waiver on the part of the site to exercise the right or enforce the instruction. The site will be entitled to assign to others all its rights and obligations or parts of them in these regulations.
In the event that it is determined that a provision in these regulations is unenforceable or invalid for any reason, this will not affect or impair the legality, validity and enforcement of the other provisions of the regulations.
The site as a whole, including all the information that appears on it, is offered to the public as is, and will be as accurate and correct as possible, however, the information may not be complete or, alternatively, there may have been technical or other errors in the information. The website reserves the right to correct mistakes and/or errors and/or inaccuracies as mentioned above and to update the information on the website at any time and without prior notice.
The website strictly complies with the provisions of the law and respects the right of website users and others to privacy and good name. If you believe that content has been published on the site that offends you for any reason, please contact us according to the details below and we will try to handle your request as soon as possible. Such requests can be forwarded through:
Email: [email protected]

Address: 11 Chevil HaTef, Nesher, phone: 050-8493717